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Meet  The Team

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My name is Vivian, and training is my expertise. Post business school, I started my corporate career by leading and overseeing a technical training department for a beauty startup. Not only did I get the opportunity to handpick and train several artists all over Boston and Dallas, I was able to teach others how to be leaders and trainers. I believe I have the natural ability to teach creativity in a memorable and easy approach. Becoming a lash artist was life changing for me so I want to help others create their own entrepreneurial path. Seeing a student “get it” after spending a few days with me genuinely makes me feel fulfilled.

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My name is Samantha. Speaking from my own journey as a single mom who struggled to figure out what I wanted to do (juggling a full-time office job, full-time school and side gig), I know how hard it is to navigate building a career while trying to have some flexibility / life balance. My focus at Lavish Beauty Academy is to assist our students in starting their business venture and provide thorough education & career support unlike any other academy. Each student, regardless of where they are in their journey, is given the opportunity to dive deep in a wide range of areas such as management, finance, social media, entrepreneurship, and esthetics to discover their passion. I aim to bring my passion for development, 10 years of management, and 5 years of lashing experience to developing your experience at our academy.



Hi I’m Gianna, I’ve been lashing for about 6 years now and couldn’t be happier with the career that I’ve built for myself. The thing I love most about training is I get to share the one thing I’m passionate about with other aspiring artists. When I first started lashing, the training that I received did not set me up for success which motivated me to become an educator. Now 6 years later into my lash career I’m able to provide proper education to lash artists so that they don’t face the same struggles that i did at the beginning of my lash career. 

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My name is Shannon, I’ve been in the beauty Industry for 10+years. I started in the cosmetology field, worked my way through the industry from performing skin services to nail services to wanting to see others grow and help develop their skills. I advanced my career to managing nail salons and training nail technicians to perfect their skills. Working for a billion dollar corporate company I thought I was fully fulfilled, unfortunately got burnt out and wanted something more gratifying. I decided to venture out and learn a new skill in eyelash extensions. I fell in love but also realized there was a need for thorough trainers. That’s where my passion to help and develop individuals came to play. Here I am now 6yrs + lash artist teaching aspiring lash artists the right and thorough way to become a successful Lash artist.